The dark, rich aroma of the house blend fills the air. Sam greets you with a warm smile behind friendly but slightly tired eyes.

It's good to be here because this is the place where friends meet for lunch. Or just stop by to unwind with a cup and read their email.

What a Grind Coffee House
881 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Tel: 415·921·9800

We do catering.
Call in advance to place your order.

Welcome to What a Grind Coffee House

Sam, the OwnerThe What a Grind Coffee House is the place to get a great tasting coffee, latte, cappuccino, an irresistible snack or a hunger-satisfying meal.


Coffee, Food and Internet

znet logoConveniently located on the Muni 2,3,4 line between Hyde and Leavenworth, What a Grind has a menu of tasty treats to help you recharge your batteries.
WiFi and broadband internet access are available for checking your email or just browsing the net.


A Great Local Café

MarilynnWhat a Grind is a one of a kind café with roots in the San Francisco culture and community.
Local artist and musician Santie Huckaby painted the "Marilyn" mural which adorns the wall.
Santie, who modestly describes himself as a "sign painter", has a number of outdoor and indoor murals to his credit. Sam, the proprietor, has had a long friendship with Santie and has maintained an interest in his career as an artist.





Sam, the Owner 2

Drop By and Say Hello

Sam invites you to drop by. On your way to work or on the way home. Get a cup and enjoy the comfortable, friendly atmosphere of this great gem of a coffee house.
And while your there, say hello and tell Sam your problems, and he will tell you his. There's no charge for the therapy.